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Olmedilla Photovoltaic Park
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Olmedilla Photovoltaic Park
Olmedilla Photovoltaic Park (in Olmedilla de Alarcón,Spain)Completed September 2008.
The plant uses 162,000 flat solar photovoltaic panels to deliver 60-85 MW of electricity on a sunny day.
The entire plant was completed in 15 months at a cost of approximately 530 million US dollars at current exchange rates. Olmedilla was built with conventional solar panels, which are made with silicon and tend to be heavy and expensive.
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The Olmedilla Photovoltaic Park in Olmedilla de Alarcón, Spain, is the world’s largest photovoltaic plant. Built in 2008, the plant uses more than 160,000 solar photovoltaic panels to generate 60-85 megawatts (peak).
It produces enough electricity to power more than 40,000 homes.
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The record in solar energy: 85 GWh per year
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85 GWh per year
We produce renewable energy
Renewable energy, Solarpowered energy
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Olmedilla Photovoltaic Park

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